How to fight Winter Weight Gain

Why is it by the time spring comes around, we can sometimes feel a bit more flabby around the mid?  There are lots of culprits, but the drop in temperature is the number one problem!  When the cold arrives, we stay inside.  This means our metabolism slows down and we pack on the extra kilos.  

In fact, some doctors believe that we’re genetically programmed to gain weight when it gets chilly.  Fat is a great insulator and it really does a great job of keeping you warm.  Before the days of heating and insulation, a few extra kilos during periods of extreme cold could mean the difference between life and death.  Of course, freezing to death isn’t really a problem (due to modern housing and availability of appropriate clothing) and if you get outside to exercise, you will actually warm-up in no time!

What to do then…

Stay Active:  Exercise is your best weapon against winter weight gain.  Strength training can really help to keep your metabolism revving, so combine some cardio training with resistance exercise.    

 Get Some Sun:  Go outside, even when it’s freezing.  Rug up and get moving!  The sunlight will refresh your mind and the activity will put you in a better mood, making it easier to turn down those tempting foods.   Also, when you exercise outdoors in winter, your body temperature is forced to rise to compensate for the colder air which really boosts your metabolism.  

Take Up a New Sport:  Winter sports will help you get outdoors and stay in shape until Spring.  Netball season kicks off in Winter, but if it is just too cold to go out, find other options – there are so many choices!  Or increase your everyday WALKING – the best option – ever!

Eat Well:  Even though it’s cold outside, don’t go stuffing yourself with mashed potatoes, hot chips, meat pies and other stodgy foods.  There are plenty of winter vegetables are low in fat and calories like squash, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, onions, zucchini and broccoli.  Why not make a soup up of all of these vegetables?  Simply steam them until soft and then blend together with a cup of tinned tomatoes / vegetable stock – of course, you can add any herbs you like!  A nourishing, low calorie and carb snack that will certainly keep you warm on the inside

 Lay Off the Booze:  Alcohol contains empty calories and it slows down your metabolism, simply because your liver will ‘breakdown’ any alcohol in the system before any food in the gut.  Save a drink for special occasions only. 

Don’t let winter ruin your body!  The Natural Way has been helping people lose weight for over 40 years and I know that we can help you too.  To find out more about our tried and tested weight loss program call your nearest clinic on1300 SLIMMER (754 663) and make a FREE appointment to discuss your weight loss goals with one of our experienced consultants, or ‘Stay At Home’ with Cora on 0458 754 663.

  You can win the war against winter weight gain with The Natural Way…and be sensational for Spring!

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